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Knowledge, Methods and Solutions for Associations

Five stars performance consulting services. Our specialised advisory and consulting services for Generative AI, Member Engagement, and Operational Performance improvements are tailored to meet the unique needs of your association, membership organisation.

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Our primary objective is to help senior management team achieving success by empowering, supporting, and enabling them to thrive. Our outcomes driven approach is experience-led working closely with you to understand your unique challenges, needs and ambitions.

Specialising in Responsible GenAI and complex Digital Transformation. Improving your operational performance by continuously evolving digitally. With our specialist knowledge, methods, and solutions you can enhance journeys and perception of value for both members and non-members. 

We can help you magnify your value proposition, boost engagement and retention, and increase revenue streams. Providing you with measurable results, with fewer risks, less effort and costs to future-proof your success.

Five Stars Performance with continuous performance improvement

AI implementations for Associations

​Generative AI enables focusing on the vision, ideas, and purposefully driving your intentions in the era of advance technologies. We are dedicated to informing, inspiring, and enhancing the impact of AI developments and cloud technologies in digital transformation programs. Responsible AI consulting and advisory services are designed to help you unlock the full potential of your teams. 

Lock in our deep expertise in associations, Responsible AI, Engagement Management Systems (EMS), Multimedia and Analytics technologies to provide you with the knowledge and solutions you need to elevate your skills and amplify the value of your work.

Leverage our proven specialist methods, technologies, and ecosystem of partners to deliver appropriate AI models that are guided by ethics and security.


Choose us as your consulting partner for AI policies and implementations to take your digital evolution to the next level.

Put an expert on your side today

Our expertise lies in helping association leaders achieve sustainable digital growth through optimisation of member engagements, acquisitions, retentions, and perception of value .


We can help you build stronger early years retention, increase revenues, and enhance your brand's reputation. 

Partner with us to strengthen and future proof your digital transformation journey and evolution to unlock your full potential.


Trusted by

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Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Performance Measurements

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Construction Industry Research and Information Association

CRM & EMS with CMS Implementations

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Association of Taxation Technicians

Member Engagement Scoring

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Process Optimisations
More Revenues

Helping you achieve your goals sooner but with less risks, efforts, and costs

Our specialist services are both affordable and cost-effective, allowing you to confidently engage with your board/council, staff, and members while boosting engagement, revenue streams and improving organisational performance.

Ensuring your business strategy drives your technology decisions

Meaningfully scoring and measuring member engagement

Predicting future outcomes using Analytics

Responsible AI & Automation

We get membership business from the inside out, and outside-in

We want to score member engagement
We recognise the importance of using dynamic and accurate engagement scoring.  Are we doing it correctly?

Digital transformation is complex 
Big changes are needed, but we don’t have the budget, time or technical expertise to make it is successful. What do we do?

Recruiting new members
We don’t have enough time and resources to get engage with non-members and convert them to new paying members. How do we engage and convert?

Members still don’t use their benefits
We do a great job creating programs and services members want but it doesn’t get used. How can we let improve this?

We want to engage more members
20% are really engaged, bottom 10% will never engage.  What can we do?

Keeping the younger members is tough
Student members are leaving us after graduation. How do we engage them to stay?

28 years knowledge, know-how, experience

With 28 years of expertise in the field, our specialist consulting services provide association leaders with the tools, methods, and support they need to improve performance. We offer actionable roadmaps, toolkits, and guidance on key areas such as AI, member engagement, analytics, revenue streams, and early years retention. Keep your association from falling behind - let us help you transform, evolve and thrive.

We are APMG Certified Consultants. APMG International is the most reputed Global Accreditation & Examination Institute. APMG accredits to deliver training courses and consultancy services. Certified for the methodology to develop performance measures, metrics or KPIs that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement.

Membership World Vetted Partner
We are proud to a vetted partner of the Membership World serving the needs of associations executives and leaders.

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Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you


We love what we do by providing affordable services, designed to be short, very impactful and actionable to help you consistently achieve five stars performance with continuous performance improvement. 


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