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Generative AI advisory and consulting services for associations and membership organisations

Today, associations need to consider building a three-legged stool of capabilities to move from proof of concept and pilots into production. This includes developing technology infrastructure, utilizing proprietary data, and implementing transformation and change management strategies to facilitate scaling.


Are you looking to take your association or membership organisation to the next level with Generative AI? Do you want to leverage the power of Generative AI with Engagement Management System (EMS) technologies to augment your team's skills and enhance the value of their work? Our specialist GenerativeAI advisory and consulting services will save time, mitigate risks and help you achieve your goals.

We bring together deep domain expertise, proven specialist technologies, and an ecosystem of trusted partners to deliver appropriate Generative AI models that are guided by ethics and security. Our experience-led approach means that we work with you to inform, inspire, and enhance the impact of AI development and cloud technologies in your digital transformation programs.

We understand that every association and membership organisation is unique, and we take the time to understand your specific needs and challenges.

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We can help take your association or membership organisation to new heights. Book 30-minute discovery call today to learn more about our specialist Generative AI advisory, consulting and implementation services.

Generative AI to maximise decision-making, member experiences and value

Generative AI to maximise decision-making, member experiences and value.

In engaging with generative AI projects, our commitment lies in ensuring that association leaders have robust AI Governance mechanisms. Leveraging our knowledge and methodology, we help identify and evaluate AI initiatives based on risk and precision requirements. 

Embark on a transformative journey with us, guided by an iterative framework that navigates you seamlessly from ideation to build to scale. We believe in the power of co-creation to define your vision, co-execution to prove the value of that vision, and cooperation to scale solutions and enhance your team's capabilities.

Reimagine your core processes with generative AI, unlocking possibilities contributing to staff satisfaction, member value, and mission alignments. Successful use cases demonstrate rapid member engagement, time-to-insight discovery for action, and gaining efficiency whilst controlling IP and security through responsible AI governance.

Through our guidance for tangible business value, we augment enterprise AI application deployments and leverage generative AI to elevate performance and accelerate time to value.  While the potential of generative AI is exciting, we help you approach its development with careful consideration of potential risks like:

Intellectual Property: Navigate the legal implications surrounding content ownership generated by models trained on copyrighted material.

Security: Implement measures to counter data and security risks, including prompt injection attacks.

Bias: Mitigate the impact of training data biases by implementing strong governance mechanisms.

Opacity: Acknowledge that full auditability may be challenging due to the "self-supervised" nature of the algorithm's training.

Hallucination: Address the possibility of generating results that meet prompts syntactically but are factually incorrect through robust governance.

“Responsible AI is the practice of designing, building and deploying AI in a manner that empowers people and businesses, and fairly impacts customers and society – allowing companies to engender trust and scale AI with confidence.” – World Economic Forum

While we acknowledge the new challenges that Generative AI and LLMs introduced, we commit to applying thoughtful introspection in our engagements. We recognize the importance of diverse perspectives as we navigate and find answers to the questions posed by these innovative solutions in collaboration with associations, enterprises, government, and society at large.

“To adopt AI, associations will need to review and enhance their processes and governance frameworks to address new and evolving risks.”  – Canadian RegTech Association, Safeguarding AI Use Through Human-Centric Design

AI Workshop for Association Leaders

Irrespective of how large or small your association is, it is important to quickly implement governance and policies for use of AI GPT in your organisation. It need not be complex and overwhelming when using best practices.


You may find the 3-hour online workshop a good starting point saving you a great deal of time. The workshop is typically for up to 3 attendees provides the framework with actionable template for you to build a solid foundation with least amount of effort but ensuring you are kept up to date, safe and able to maximise technology evolution.

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Generative AI enables focusing on the vision, ideas, and purposefully driving your intentions in the era of advance technologies.

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