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Acquire methods to create, classify, calculate member engagement more effectively.


Trending in 2021 is how to measure engagement for achieving better outcomes without increasing operating expenses. 

This is your specialist online course for more confidently defining, meaningfully measuring and scoring member engagement for:

  • Helping you do less work.

  • Prioritising your time and effort more effectively.

  • Predicting at-risk renewals months in advance.

  • Increasing and deepening member engagement.

  • Refining and targeting communications for boosting results.

  • Demonstrating more value to more members.

  • Forecasting revenue streams accurately and reducing planning.

You've thought about it, talked about it, have tried to sort it out, but you haven't nailed it because it's complex.

You don’t have the time.


This specialist online course is a perfect match for managers and staff working in Professional and Trade Associations, Societies, Institutes, Royal Colleges and Membership organisations.
You can quickly implement, tailor and maintain best-practice methods for meaningfully measuring and scoring member engagement with a lot less effort to achieve more of your goals.

You already know it’s necessary to measure and score engagement meaningfully, but you’re feeling stuck and at times overwhelmed recognising it's complex and very time-consuming.

So, what do you do? 

  • NOTHING because there isn’t enough time.

  • SPEND LOADS OF TIME in meetings trying to figure it out for 2022. 

  • USE TECHNOLOGY TO ADD UP THE ACTIVITIES FOR A SCORE, but it’s not helping to improve performance. 

There is no shortage of information, and yet you don't have a straightforward way forward, because often it needs a lot of heavy lifting figuring out what to do and how to do it. 

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  • Improve member’s perception of value.

  • Produce more effective marketing campaigns.

  • Increase the likelihood of new member conversions.

  • Maximise revenue streams.

  • Increase member retention.     

  • Make better use of IT systems.

  • Demonstrate why your efforts count.

  • Ultimately improve members' lives.

  • Do less work and achieve more!

Do a lot less work and achieve more. Imagine how much time and energy you will save by knowing and applying actionable methods in ways that improve your outcomes, and every day increases effectiveness.

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The Member Engagement Model
Online Course

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The model has been specifically curated and designed for time-poor managers and staff to easily define, effectively measure and score member engagement in their department and organisation.

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Completing this 3-hour online course is your breakthrough to measure and score engagement more meaningfully, and use the best practices template to modify and use.

Within three hours, the concise content unpacks complicated elements and brings together the scope, depth and breadth of measuring member engagement in actionable ways.


Expand your knowledge and save yourself 110 hours on how to meaningfully measure and score member engagement so that you can more easily achieve your goals and with less effort.


You can better illustrate why, where and how member engagement can be measured accurately in today's digital age getting you more results, revenue and members without doing more work.


You'll feel more in control, confident and capable so that you can meet changing expectations and consistently achieve success.

“Associations often focus on measuring activity to quantify member engagement. But this method is notoriously unreliable. There's a better way to measure engagement that provides a more accurate picture of your members.” ASAE 


"You are drifting when you can't meaningfully measure what you are managing." Jim Collins, author of Good to Great bestselling management book.


“Member engagement and measurement is a key membership sector goal.” MemberWise

“What gets measured gets improved.” - Peter Drucker, The Founder of Modern Management.

The Model's Dimensions: Data, Segmentation, Journey, Measurements and Time.

The devil is always in the details, and that’s why you can expand your knowledge and acquire methods to create, classify, calculate member engagement more effectively with:

  1. Unstructured and Structured Data.

  2. Segmentation and Personas.

  3. Data governance and defining engagement.  

  4. Data and Content Taxonomy.

  5. Mapping member journeys.

6. Engagement Measurement Categories.

7. Weighted Scoring Methodologies.

8. Modelling Member Types.

9. Predictive Analytics.

10. Handbook with best practices template.

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Save lots of time acquiring methods to create, classify and calculate member engagement.


“The member engagement model is an excellent management toolkit.”

Reggie Henry, CAE. The Chief Information & Engagement Officer

ASAE: The Centre For Association Leadership, 42,000 association professionals as members and 7,300 organisations in 50 countries.


“This is one of the best things ever, incredibly valuable and practical.”

Dr Robert Spangler, Associate Executive Director & NYSAE Board of Directors

New Jersey State Bar Association, 16,000 members.


“The Member Engagement Model is meaningful, invaluable and practical. It’s a great actionable tool and I highly recommend it.”

Joe Bennett, Membership Manager

Association of Accounting Technicians, 150,000 members worldwide.

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Get access to your Member Engagement Model online course time-limited offer for only

USD $249

GBP £199

Backed by 100% money back Guarantee.

Contact us for the team and organisational package prices.

Buy it. Try it. Apply it.

There’s literally no risk involved, because you’re backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.


Plus free Q&A session.
Our field trials identified some of you would love a 20-minutes one-to-one Q&A session. This additional option is available to you free of charge.


Plus free workshop.

It’s great to be able to explore, share and compare by joining one of the 1-hour virtual group workshops. This additional option is available to you free of charge.

In all pursuits and ages, the most meaningful things have often been the hardest to measure, but the key to future proofing your success.


We understand your challenges in today’s digital age and that's why in less than three hours this course will help you turn engagement measurement into an iterative process that gives you feedback that improves the processes, experiences, outcomes and rewards.

The course provides best practices and we use this definition for it:

  • It's something that organisations have done. 

  • It's transferable and replicable.

  • It's quantifiable and measurable.

  • Any size organisation can use it with resources that are available to them.

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It's The Perfect Fit For You

Acquire methods enabling you to bring to life great member engagement measurements and scoring at your own pace.

The Member Engagement Model course is a hand-in-glove fit for staff and managers working in Professional and Trade Associations, Membership organisations, Societies, Institutes, Royal Colleges.


Whether you've been in your role for the past sixteen years or six months, you'll gain more knowledge, methods for doing less work whilst achieving more, and confidence to improve performance and digital transformation. 

Start investing in yourself today so that tomorrow you can achieve goals with less effort.


Save yourself 110 hours working it all out.


Gain greater knowledge, clarity and confidence.



You have questions. We have answers.


Q: How long does it take to complete this course?

A: The online course sections add up to less than 3 hours.


Q: Do I have to go through all of it in one go?

A: No, it's designed for you to take your time.


Q: Do I get a certificate?

A: Yes, you'll earn 3 credits for Certified Association Executive (CAE), ASAE.


Q: What if after I've been through it, then I decide it's not useful?

A: We want you to be satisfied, which is why you have our unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

Why it matters to you shared by those who used to be where you are today!


“An engagement score is the tool to enhance members' perception of value for retention and acquisition.”


“Engagement Scores is the key to maximising member acquisition & engagement.”


“A comprehensive understanding of how and why members engage allows associations to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing and communications strategies. Ultimately, associations can deepen their impact, improve member satisfaction and reinforce their bottom line.”


“Member engagement is often seen as an intangible asset, much like the value of a brand. Yet, engagement is not quantified in a consistent and meaningful way in the department or organisation.”


“Engagement scoring is the tool to measure the level of commitment, involvement and spend you could be achieving with your members.”


“The Member Engagement Model enables you to have a comprehensive understanding and use of the data types, activities and touchpoints that are being collected across your systems. It will help you seize the opportunities, pinpoint growing needs and interests to empower you to target, support and influence your members at precisely the right time.”


“Engagement scoring is invaluable for identifying and encouraging new individuals or companies to join.”


“Engagement scoring helps identify at-risk members months before their renewal dates – when there is still time to engage them.”


“Knowing whether a member's engagement score is increasing or declining helps you understand their current involvement and how to improve it.”

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