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Hybrid Events Best Practices for membership professionals

Hybrid events are more complex that's why we’ve curated the best practices for delivering great Hybrid Events into an actionable roadmap specifically for Association professionals. It will save hundreds of hours researching, debating, experimenting and trying to figure out the best way forward. 


Events are in crisis and taking events hybrid is inevitable. It’s like looking at an iceberg; the closer one gets to it, the bigger and more complex it becomes, and for good reasons! Hybrid Events and conferences are not new; it’s imperative not to take risks and reinvent the wheel.  Protect event revenues, renewals and member engagement.

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During a 60-minute roundtable live webcam meeting, we’ll walk you through the five critical elements. We’ll cover best practices for tools, content, speakers, audience and rehearsal. Everyone in your team will benefit from knowing what to do and how to do it. 

We’ll also answer key questions like Pricing Hybrid Events, Sponsor Benefits, Formats & Tools, and of course, your questions.

Up to four members of your team can attend the live roundtable Zoom meeting session. To book your exclusive session, please use the online calendar.

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