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Practical Performance Measurement

Practical Performance Measurement: Using the PuMP Blueprint for Fast, Easy and Engaging KPIs, is performance measure specialist Stacey Barr’s first book. It lays out the step-by-step blueprint to overcome the common struggles we all have with KPIs. It guides you to choose, create and use performance measures faster, easier and more engagingly than ever before. 


The most common struggles that executives, managers, and strategy and performance professionals have in measuring performance include measuring intangible goals, finding meaningful measures, and getting buy-in for reporting and using measures. 


We struggle because we have bad habits. The struggles we have with measuring performance are always associated with a common set of practices. These practices have become bad habits. But when they are replaced with the techniques and templates of the PuMP Blueprint, the struggles ease. 


Make measuring performance faster, easier and more engaging. The PuMP Blueprint makes performance measurement faster by helping you get it right the first time, not spending years measuring useless things. It makes it easier by giving you detailed how-to steps deliberately designed to solve those 

common struggles. It makes it more engaging by involving people and their ideas and decisions, not just seeking their sign-off. 


PuMP helps you build a performance measurement process that truly improves performance. It makes the approach to measurement deliberate and logical, replacing the bad KPI habits that have caused so many people to be frustrated and cynical about KPIs.


Available on Amazon. with extracts from Stacey Barr website

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