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Prove It! How to Create a High-Performance

Culture and Measurable Success.

Prove It! is the executive guide to improving organisational performance through the practice of evidence-based leadership. More than ever before, the world is demanding transparency and accountability from organisational leaders, and there is a growing push to hold leaders responsible for the performance of their organisation.


Many executives panic at the thought of what transparency might reveal and how they might be held accountable, but others relish the opportunity to showcase their organisation’s performance. The difference is in the leadership methodology. The best leaders already know how their organisation is performing, and that it has improved during their tenure – and they can prove it because they practice evidence-based leadership. 


This book offers a clear blueprint for building on your existing skills and performance management systems to build a truly high performance organisation. 


Just three personal leadership habits and three organisation-wide habits can transform your organisation into the powerhouse you know it can be. With a simple methodology and a focus on practical results, this book can help you: Set a strategic direction that really does inspire organisational excellence


  • Gain a true picture of your organisation’s performance

  • Master the habits that help you lead a high-performance culture

  • Improve your organisation objectively, measurably and quickly


If an organisation can only be as good as its leadership, it’s reasonable to place the burden of performance responsibility on those who make the decisions. A leader’s job is to inspire, motivate and guide, and those who do it well are already raising the bar.


Available on Amazon. copyrights with extracts from Stacey Barr website

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